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Website Translation


Until 20 years ago, the companies used to advertise through the visual and written media to reach as many people as possible. Maximum the phone and fax numbers were on the business cards that the managers or authorities gave in the environments in which they came together. However, in today’s globalized world, website addresses of the companies took their places on the business cards or ads.

When you offer your customers or cooperators a website in their languages, regardless of the industry, from a manufacturing industrial company to a hospital in the health industry, from a hotel or restaurant in the tourism sector to a beauty center, it is important that websites of every company have at least English option in addition to Turkish as a standard. On the other hand, having the website in the language of the target group or country/countries of the company is always advantageous.

Researches show that 52% of the customers shop on the websites in their mother tongues. Now, people research and examine the websites from their seats at home through the search engines on the internet and decide with whom to cooperate, what to buy, where to go by what means.

POS Translation Services is always next to you for new language markets with its expert staff. In the website translations, the most important point to be taken into account is conveying the message to the target group by considering the cultural differences. Otherwise, failure will be the inevitable outcome! In website translations, one of our missions is contributing to your success with our supportive services such as localization by considering the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements. In addition to localization, utilization of keywords used in the target country, coordination of graphical and multimedia items, preserving functionality of the website and provision of linguistic accuracy are the elements to be considered in website translations. Website translation is not a one-time job. In addition to the foregoing services, the same expert staff will continue to work with you for the updates from time to time.

We are one click away to offer excellent quality, success-oriented and flawless services to you for your website translations.