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POS Translation Services provides professional services in 40 languages with more than 1500 interpreters to meet your translation needs. Every translation project you have sent us is always handled and completed by prioritizing excellent quality, quick response, confidentiality and cost efficiency.

Besides grammar, our translators are qualified and specialized in different disciplines. In translation, it is not enough to translate only the words and/or sentences; their meanings in the source language need to be transferred to the target language. Especially the texts requiring expertise involve special skills, specialization and long-term experience of the translator. Because translation or interpretation is not an occupation to be carried out as a side job and must be taken seriously, we select our translators among such professionals.

Your documents that need to be translated may be sometimes a short email that you have sent to your customer or a book, catalog, technical specifications, brochure, website containing many pages, an academic article to be published abroad or dossier of a tender you will attend. We have a specialized staff that can bear any workload.

We can list our steps in translation as follows:

First, the document from you is analyzed in terms of the translation language, character count and content. Time plan is prepared by contacting the translator who will do the work, the price is set and the offer is submitted to you.

In accordance with the approval from you in writing, the document is sent to the specialized translator (legal, commercial, medical, technical, etc.). The work is started by sending the terminology in our database and/or provided by you to the translator.

Translated documents are checked by our editors. In these controls, spelling and punctuation, grammatical accuracy such as inverted sentences etc. are examined. Considering the diagrams, photos, tables and other special file formats, if any, protection of integrity of the document is ensured.

Within the promised deadline of delivery, translated document is delivered as you desire, by email, courier or as a file in cases where hand delivery is possible.

Your final approval on the translated document is another important point for us. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.