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Translation Fees


Character count of the documents or texts you sent us is calculated, and content and translation language of the text are taken into account in pricing. Depending on the language to be translated, such as English, French, Chinese, Arabic, etc., pricing may vary. Different criteria such as popularity and alphabet of the language, etc. play important roles in this.

Translation Agencies are obliged to comply with the act of fees no. 492 in the pricing process of translations. Therefore, one page is charged over 20 lines and 1000 (one thousand) characters without space and by taking into account 12-point font size. Font size is important here because sometimes there may be 2000-3000 characters without space in a page written with small fonts. Therefore, translation offices cannot quote per page and use the calculation of 1000 (one thousand) characters without space.

In the pricing process, target language is taken into account, 1 page in the target language is calculated as 1000 (one thousand) characters without space or 140 – 180 words.

To have an idea on the average cost of your document, you can find the word count and characters without space in the Tools menu, Word Count command in Microsoft Word Office.

In the sworn translation that is the subfield of translation, notarization is not included in the translation fee. Notarization fee of the translated document is separately calculated and charged by the notary public.

POS Translation Services applies extra discounts on the translations over 100,000 characters (without space).

18% VAT is not included in the translation fees; VAT is added in the billing phase.

You can contact us at info@tercumanlazim.com for information on pricing of all your translation and interpretation projects.

The objective of POS Translation Services is to establish long-term cooperation with each customer. Therefore, we provide services to our customers on annual contracts at the most affordable and special prices. Please contact us for information about our reasonable price policy for student theses by considering budgets of the students, and articles and theses of the faculty members.