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Putting down the sound and image data recorded in any environment in writing is called transcription. These records may be in the formats of CD, VCD, MP3, DVX, DVD and memory cards.

Our transcription services are provided by our team of experts. The language of the information or data to be decrypted is not important. When information recorded in any language is delivered us, first, it is decrypted by the authorized and specialized persons, i.e. put down on paper. Then, if requested, it is translated into other languages by our specialized translators.

In recent years, in cases where speech texts of the speakers talking in the training meetings, business meetings, interviews, congresses or organizations or the speech is improvised, requirements of keeping, distributing or publishing such speeches in writing have begun to emerge intensively every day. Therefore, transcription works have gained importance.

In the context of wording, even if transcription seems like an easy process, it requires a quite hard work. If we elaborate this, the quality of the record and audio files may be low, therefore, they need to be prepared through a special process. First, the person(s) decrypting puts the speech on paper. Afterwards, the text is checked for grammar and spelling rules and finalized by the experts. Upon our customer’s request, the text is translated into the desired languages. In cases where it is a process of putting down on paper by listening, if the speech to be decrypted is in a foreign language, our team of experts having a good command of this language performs the transcription. Transcription projects are delivered in the formats you prefer.

As in all of our other services, our priority is quality and information confidentiality in our Transcription services. Moreover, when transcription services are compared to translations, they require more time-consuming works. We handle your projects by considering your time constraints and care to provide cost-efficient services delivered within your deadlines.

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