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Technical Translation


Do you need cost-effective but at the same time excellent quality technical translations for your technical documentations, specifications, operation and maintenance instructions, user manuals, catalogs or patent applications?

As an importing and exporting company, you are obliged to have the user manuals in the language of the country you will export your products within the framework of the international legal obligations. Well-planned and clearly structured translation of your technical documents will lead to further reduction of the costs for you. With 20 years of experience and specialized translators and interpreters, POS Translation Services continues to be the solution partner for the individuals or companies in technical translation.

For a technical translation, not only excellent language skills but also specific technical information is required. The scope of technical translation is very broad. Besides all engineering branches such as electricity, electronics, construction, machinery, environment, textile, economy, food, chemistry, software, industry, computer, etc., it covers installation, user and maintenance manuals of all kinds of machinery and devices and software-hardware products, product catalogs, patent documents, tender specifications, technical specifications, EIA reports and many documents that can be added to the foregoing.

It is important that the translator has been trained and/or has long-term experience in these fields and a command of the terminology of the translation field. As you cannot expect the civil engineer to do the works of an electronic engineer, likewise, you should not expect from a translator or an interpreter dealing with literary translation of the operation and maintenance specifications of a machine.

In technical translations, sufficient and proper use of the right expertise phrases is of great importance. Thanks to the technical terms in our database that we have created specific to each customer within our company, you can be sure that the same terminology will be used in each of your technical translation projects that you have sent us.

Our ISO 9001 certification offers you the greatest confidence in this regard. In addition to the others, this norm provides the assurance that each translation is controlled by the editors experienced on the subject. Consequently, the highest quality and security are provided.

Our customers that we work with for many years will certainly give you an idea about the successful and safe works of POS Translation Services in the field of technical translation.