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Sworn Translation


Word-for-word translations of the official documents to be used internationally from the source language into the target language accurately and in full, and then certification of the translation by the sworn translator’s signature or stamp are called sworn translations. Sworn translation and certification of all necessary documents from school application to incorporation of the foreign citizens coming to our country or to be used abroad must be recognized by the public authorities of the countries where the documents will be used.

To become a sworn translator, an interpreter or a translator is required to receive education in related language(s) and apply to the notary public with the documents proving this. Before the notary public, the translator swears to translate the documents given accurately and in full, and this oath is recorded and he/she becomes a sworn translator. The memorandum given to the translator or interpreter is valid within the notary public he/she swears. Sworn translators take all responsibility of the accuracy of the translations they make and therefore they put their signatures and stamps under the translated document. Then, the translated and signed documents are sent to the relevant notary public and take effect after notarization.

The documents prepared by the sworn translator do not always require notarization. In some cases, only signature and stamp of the sworn translator can be enough. This process may vary depending on the properties of the document and requests of the authorities that the documents will be submitted.

In addition to sworn translation services, POS Translation Services offers oral sworn translation services before the public authorities such as the Notary Public, Courts, Land Offices, etc. with our sworn translators, if you need.