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Subtitle Translation


One of the translation and interpretation services of POS Translation Services offered to its customers with experienced and specialized translators is subtitle translation.

Visuals, such as movies, series, documentaries and ads, need to be translated into the language of the relevant country to be understood in different countries. Sometimes, this translation process is added as subtitles or dubbing. In case where subtitles are preferred, subtitle translation team within our company provides the subtitle translations you need in the shortest time.

There are two different methods used in subtitle translations. One of these is delivery of the printed texts and scenarios of the product to be translated and translation of them by our expert translators. The other method is sending us the product as a video and then, translating by watching and listening (transcription) and creating the subtitles. In both methods, the translator or interpreter needs to be specialized and experienced in this field.

Besides having a good command of the language, auditory and visual skills of the translator or interpreter translating the subtitles need to be very strong. In translation of the scenarios such as movies and TV series, culture, traditions and customs, values and beliefs of the target audience should be taken into account. Besides providing that the people, who live in the target country and will watch the film or TV series, understand meanings of the subtitles, and not deviating the messages and main theme of the film or TV series is of great importance. Therefore, subtitle translation is one of the most difficult areas of this profession. The subtitles must be synchronized with the stream of the film or TV series.

In subtitle translations, sometimes rather than translation of an artistic or cultural film, TV series, show or contest, we translate the subtitles of all visual media that our customers plans and wants to market abroad into the languages of the countries they desire to reach considering the cultures, social conditions, traditions and customs, beliefs of those countries.

Simply contact us and inform your requests for your subtitles translations. We would be pleased to offer you our excellent quality, secure and cost-effective services as usual.