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Software Translation


Software translation or localization allows delivery and introduction of software produced in different countries of the world to the people living in other countries. Unlike the text contents, software contains codes.

While translating form the source language to the target language, proper programs and necessary code lists must be used, otherwise, a successful software placement service cannot be provided and the problems caused by the incorrect coding may be permanent.

Software translations are used in many areas such as computer games, computer software, operating systems, smart phone applications, websites, additional software, etc. Because algorithm of the software translation varies in each format, a tailor-made approach is required. Consequently, management of the source software is needed. In the software translations, the text is translated and adapted to the software application. Thus, the text in question can be used internationally. On the websites, where software translation is heavily used, we guarantee to make the software applications in line with the linguistic, cultural and technical feature of the target country and a hundred percent compliance of the information and codes with the expectations of your target group to be successful in the international markets.

Being aware that this translation and localization fields require expertise and cannot be carried out by the translators and interpreters only, software translation and localization services of POS Translation Services are provided by a joint work of a team consisting of specialized translators, graphic designers and programming specialists.

With our expert and competent translators, programmers and project managers, who control and test your projects when the work is completed, we stand by you in your software translation and localization projects with our excellent quality, reliable and cost-effective services.