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Simultaneous Interpretation


Among the disciplines of the translation sciences, simultaneous interpretation is a discipline that requires special training, skills and disciplined works. Today, it is possible to study in the interpretation and translation department of more than 20 universities in Turkey.

Simultaneous interpretation can be summarized as immediate interpretation of the speaker’s words in congresses, conferences, seminars, panels, live broadcasts, international organizations, etc. However, to do this, special equipment is required. The interpreter translates the sentences he/she hears from the earphones in a sufficiently ventilated and heated special cabins with a microphone. Depending on the duration of the organization requiring simultaneous interpretation, usually two interpreters are assigned because performance of one interpreter for a long time will be extremely tiring and lead to mistakes inevitably.

A person, who speaks a foreign language and making written or oral (consecutive) translations, cannot be a simultaneous interpreter. This profession has different dynamics. The ear and brain coordination is of great importance.


Interpreters we work with as POS Translation Services are the ones, who are educated in their professions, have many years of experience and worked in important organizations. As being a quality-oriented company not leaving something to chance in our business, we provide professional services in this field.

Our high quality and skilled interpreters are those who have worked in many local and international, public and private organizations and live broadcasts of TVs and radios.

POS Translation Services not only offers simultaneous interpretations from foreign languages into Turkish or vice versa but also cross–languages in the best quality. When you are preparing your organizations, if you need, we provide the equipment necessary for simultaneous interpretation cost-effectively.

In all your projects requiring large or small-sized simultaneous interpretation, we are at your service with our interpreters.