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Our Vision


Our VISION is to love and value our business.

No matter what we do, we do all the works with a great enthusiasm. Your satisfaction is our biggest source of motivation and the most important factor that carries us a step further. POS Translation Services have been standing  by you as the solution partner in all your translation and interpretation works for 20 years.

Particularly in our globalized and multi-cultural world in terms of language, the importance of “Understanding the Cultures“ is mostly forgotten. Translating a language into another one does not mean just considering and using the dictionaries, terminologies, databanks and grammar rules and performing the procedure. There are many different factors affecting this. The important thing is completing the work by considering the integrity and meaning of the text while translating from the source language into the target language in the oral and written translation.

Today, the world has begun to recognize translation and interpretation as a science. In all works we carry out for you, our vision is considering the importance of the business we do while looking out for your goals and benefits, and complying with the requirements of the translation and interpretation science while offering you the best and quality services.

We are here for translations, consecutive, simultaneous interpretations, legal, medical, technical, financial, literary and academic translations that require expertise, as well as notarized sworn translations. Loving and valuing our business, we carry out quality and sustainable works and we always see your objectives as ours. This makes us understand you better.