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Medical Translation


Medical translation team of POS Translation Services consists of physicians, pharmacists and academicians, who are educated in various disciplines of medicine and experienced in translation at the same time. To provide you better services in medical translation, we built our team with the people specialized in different fields of medicine. These fields are medical sciences, medical technology, global regulatory affairs, clinical studies, dentistry, pharmacy, genetic science and veterinary. All these fields are important categories for continuation of lives of all living creatures and improvement of quality of their lives.

Today, new discoveries are made in medicine every day, developments occur at such a rate that is extremely difficult to follow, and developed countries make sizable investments in medical and health sciences. Naturally, because these developments bring along information and document sharing between the countries, the importance of medical translation shows an increasingly rising trend. Here, we, as POS Translation Services, come into play with our specialized medical translators and interpreters.

In addition to those mentioned above, medical translation covers translations of doctor, lab and clinical reports, epicrisis, prescriptions, any documents for diagnosis and treatment, user manuals of medical devices and medicines, brochures, catalogs and promotional materials of the health industry.

In medical translations, having a good command of the constantly changing and evolving terminology is of great importance. Therefore, the translators and interpreters dealing with medical translation are required to be open to research and development. As in every translation and interpretation work, mastery and proficiency in the source and target languages should be sought in medical translation. Inaccurate medical translations may inevitably cause irreparable humanitarian and legal consequences.

Increasingly developing health tourism especially in Turkey in recent years has also added a different field to medical translation. Thousands of patients from various countries of the world come to Turkey to benefit from the quality and fair priced healthcare services. Some of them visit our country for treatment of various diseases, some for cost-effective dental treatments and some for aesthetic and reconstructive treatments. We offer fast solutions not only for translation of your medical documents but also medical interpretation needs of your customers and/or guests arriving for the abovementioned purposes.

As POS Translation Services, we provide services to you with our specialized translators and interpreters that we select specifically with awareness of the importance of medical translation.