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Localization is adaptation of a product by considering the linguistic, cultural, social and other requirements of a certain target group or market. In some foreign countries, localization is sometimes shortened as “l10n”. This means 10 corresponds to the 10 letters between the l and n letters of localization word.

Although it is generally used as a synonym for the translation of user interface and documentation, localization is mostly a much more complicated issue.

It is not only used in texts but also in translations of the software, styles, charts, presentations, programs, brochures, catalogs, numerical formats, symbols, marks, colors, comparisons and classifications, warnings and legal regulations. While localizing, the logic, visual design and illustration must be considered because the cultural and social values of a country may never match to the values and culture of another country. There may not be even a slightest similar point. In this case, to ensure that the translation or interpretation is recognized, understood and not drawing reaction in the target country, localization becomes an important function.

It is of great importance that the translators or interpreters dealing with localization have a good command of the language and technical expertise as well as perception and assimilation of the cultures, traditions, living conditions and social sensitivities of the target country, and in this context, create an approach with his/her experiences.

Localization is not one of the disciplines of the translation science. It is a study that must be conducted for translations and interpretations in many subtitles of it, such as literary, commercial, academic, technical, legal and website translations. If we need to sample this in short, considering the differences in comedy understandings among the countries, we will better understand that a text without localization will not reach any mass in the target country.

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