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Literary Translation


Without literary translation and interpretation services, the works that worldwide writers brought to the literary world and the philosophers to the philosophy world would not reach us. For the modern or classical works, novels, stories, poems and essays to take their places on the shelves of our bookstores or on the internet, as being popular lately, they need to be translated. Likewise, for the works of the authors, poets and philosophers brought up in Turkey to go beyond borders of our country and reach other countries and people, they need to be translated into other languages. In this way, civilizations and different cultures can meet without talking. Knowing a country and its people, learning its culture, art and history is not possible by only knowing the numerical data about that country or listening to the stories of the people who have visited that country. However, by reading the works of that country’s authors, poets and philosophers, detailed and more information can be obtained. Here, quality of literary translations of the said works comes into play.

Like other translation types, translations of literary works involve many unique challenges. It is important to convey the meaning, main theme and message of the work to the reader. Literary translations have a particular importance for the international writers to pass on their messages to their readers.

In literary works, we should never forget that translations must be made from culture to culture, not from language to language.

One of our famous writers says, “Literature is Happiness!”. For passing on that happiness and joy given by literature to all people, quality of literary translations has to  be at the top level. The works should not lose their meanings in any way.

As POS Translation Services, we are at your service with our team of specialized translators and interpreters in translation of the literary works. Our literary translation team that we work together for many years consists of experienced and talented people who are trained in literature and have good command of languages at the level of their mother tongues.

We offer translations of all kinds of literary works in superior quality and at reasonable prices. You can contact us at any time for your literary translations.