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Legal Translation


When we talk about a legal text or legal translation, the first thing coming to our minds can be court documents or law translations. However, the scope of legal translation is very wide. For example, translations of any agreement such as sales contracts, articles of incorporation, corporation charters, business contracts, rental and sales contracts, appraisal reports, court decisions, letters of undertaking, powers of attorney, signature circulars, trade registry gazettes, activity reports, income and expense statements, bank statements, deeds, guarantee certificates, licenses, minutes, diplomas, transcripts, tender documents, all kinds of laws and regulations, directives, wills, court decisions of foreign countries, license certificates, annual reports, etc. and similar documents are in the scope of legal translation.

Knowing the law of the source and target languages in the legal context and having a command of statutes of the same are important in translations of all these documents.

Therefore, the specialized translators or interpreters working on the legal translations must know the correct terminology, make readable and understandable sentences, not lose meaning of the sentence. What is meant in the source language should be transferred to the target language in the same way. Another challenge of legal translations is significant differences of the laws and statutes of the countries. How a person, who studied law in another country, is required to take various additional courses and pass exams to work in Turkey, or the other way around, translators and interpreters of the legal translations have similar responsibilities and need to follow innovations and changes in law to improve themselves constantly.

POS Translation Services has been working with specialized, experienced and distinguished legal translators and interpreters for many years.

We would like to emphasize the importance of confidentiality of legal translations again. Whatever your documents are, they will be handled with great care and privacy as in our all other projects. Your safety is our safety. Because legal translations usually have short delivery times, we carry out our works by considering your needs. Our specialized team is aware of the importance and responsibility of legal translations. Accuracy of grammar and spelling, use of language and expertise specific to the subject constitute the basis of our significantly high quality understanding.

The legal texts are addressed in this context and translated as required. We know that you cannot take risks in your legal texts. We approach your projects with this awareness and understanding and continue to provide superior quality services across Turkey.