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Interpretation Fees


In all kinds of interpreting projects, we are at your service with our experienced, specialized and professional staff of interpreters. No matter where you are in Turkey of the world, we bring our interpretation services to you.

When you contact us to discuss details of your project, we will submit our price offer meeting your needs most properly as soon as possible.

Simultaneous Interpretation Fees

Each simultaneous interpretation pricing is addressed on a project basis because in simultaneous interpretation, there are factors, such as duration of the conference, in how many languages the conference will take place, content of the conference and city of the conference, that play important roles on the pricing. If it will be a full-day conference, minimum two interpreters for each language will be required. Because simultaneous interpretation is a tough process interpreters have to interchange at certain intervals. In case simultaneous interpretation equipment is requested in any project, the equipment is charged separately and submitted to you as another offer.

Consecutive Interpretation Fees

Like the simultaneous interpretations, consecutive interpretations are also charged on a project basis. There are different calculation criteria such as duration, language, content, etc. in consecutive interpretations. Usually, they are classified as full-day or half-day consecutive interpreting services. For all your interpretation needs, please contact us and request quotation.

For the charges of any translation and interpretation projects you can contact us at info@tercumanlazim.com or +90 531 636 72 17 by phone. Being aware of how valuable your time is, we submit you our price offer in a short time. You can transfer payments of your projects to the following bank account or use Pay services.