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Consecutive Interpretation


Unlike simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpreting – or oral translation as the common name – means translating the speech into the target language after listening to the speaker and taking notes if necessary, and following the break of the speaker.

Compared to translation, because there is no time and sources to control and correct in the consecutive interpreting, accuracy is of great importance. In comparison to simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation is mostly used in small-sized organizations such as company meetings, introductions, fairs, press conferences, factory and business visits, launches, trainings, visits of foreign guests, trips and teleconferences. Although not all of the equipment used for simultaneous interpretations is used in consecutive interpretation, microphone can be used if necessary.

As we mentioned above, accurate consecutive translation is of great importance. Therefore, our interpreters specialized on the subject of the consecutive interpretation is selected and directed to you. Preliminary preparation of the chosen interpreters is usually a factor in progress of the project without mistakes.

Interpreters dealing with consecutive translation business are required to have an analytical frame of mind, practical intelligence, proper pronunciation and a good command of both source and target languages. They have to grasp the meaning of the speech, be able to transfer the accentuations of the speaker during the speech. Otherwise, they may turn a very cheerful, enjoyable and witty speech into a stable and boring atmosphere, which will end up customer dissatisfaction. Experience is important in consecutive interpretation just like any other branches of translation.

As in any discipline of the translation science, we sign confidentiality agreements with the specialized interpreters, who will work with you and provide services in consecutive translation, and guarantee your information confidentiality.

For your consecutive interpretation needs either at home or abroad, we are at your disposal with our team. Just contact us to get excellent quality services.