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Commercial Translation


Globalized world with the evolving technology has started to open the doors to gain a place in the world markets not only for large companies but also for small and medium-sized enterprises. Today, organizations and institutions, enterprises need to take steps in the international arena to develop themselves and reach international partners and customers.

In terms of meaning, trade is briefly exchanging goods to earn money as one of the fundamental elements of a market economy. In recent years, e-commerce has begun to gain great importance. A large part of the people does business on the virtual shopping sites over the internet no matter where they are.

Trust is the sine qua non of the trade world and market economy. And trust requires professionalism and competence. Because of these reasons, companies need translations of their commercial information and documents into different languages.

Translation of commercial information and documents is too important to be risked. Because commercial rules are governed and protected by the law, incorrect commercial translations may expose the enterprises and people to very difficult situations and big problems.

POS Translation Services offers reliable, quality and cost-effective commercial translation and interpretation services to commercial organizations operating in trade such as the multi-national, international or local large, medium and small sized enterprises, organizations and institutions, banks, brokerage firms, etc. in either Turkey or other countries of the world.

All your agreements and contracts such as trade, joint venture, representation, agency agreements, your business plans, commercial records and reports, certificates and documents, minutes, offers and all other commercial texts are translated by our expert commercial translators and interpreters having the experience of many years.

Another case, where commercial translation is needed, is that you want to contact a new customer or investor or you want to apply to an international company for a commercial cooperation. You will do this by email or postal services but you need translation of your text in accordance with the commercial language rules or the other way around, you need to understand and answer an offer that arrives to your company from abroad by email. The only thing you will do is contacting us. Supporting you in all of your email traffic with our experienced translators and seeing your accomplishments are great pleasures for us.

As in all our business areas, we are with you in your commercial translations with our excellent quality and cost-effective services that we respect your privacy.