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Confidentiality Assurance

It may not be fully understood why confidentiality assurance is needed in translation or interpretation projects. However, in our business, the confidentiality assurance is no different from the confidentiality condition between the attorney and client or the doctor and patient.

You send us your or your company’s confidential information to be translated. Numerous information and data of yours such as your doctoral thesis that may move you to higher levels, powers of attorney, passport, articles you want to publish abroad, any confidential company information related to a tender you will join, translation of a product, service or invention you will launch, patent, signature circulars, personal data, confidential medical information, translation of your website, a book that you just wrote but not published yet, your film, software translation, product prices and catalogs may be among these. When you are sending us all these confidential documents and information, you need to be sure that they will be kept confidential by us, not be disclosed to your rivals or third parties. After all, a long lasting collaboration is established as a result of mutual trust.

Despite all these, we pay attention to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with our customers to ensure secrecy. In our Confidentiality Agreement, on which our attorneys have thoroughly worked, fine details of our collaboration have been examined, and an agreement in accordance with these and the applicable laws is drawn up. Mutually signed Confidentiality Agreement secures you and us as your service provider.

Today, confidentiality agreements prepared by the attorneys of especially large-scaled companies, holdings, international or multinational companies are available as well. If you desire, such agreements can be signed mutually after examination and approval of our attorneys.

Yet, the issue does not finish by establishing the confidentiality assurance between you and us. After all, your data, documents and information are translated into the desired language by our professional translating or interpreting staff. In this case, we have to make confidentiality agreements with our translators or interpreters too.

We pay attention to do long-term business with each of our translators or interpreters and that such people are professionals. Therefore, we carry out careful studies, eliminations and serious reference researches in selecting them. We continue to offer professional and high quality services with our staff that we have built in this way throughout our 20-year history.

These meticulous studies and criteria in selecting translators and interpreters are not only for our translation services but also for our consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services.

On the other hand, in the notarized sworn translation services that we provide, related interpreters are required to have the certificate of oath proving that they have sworn before the notary public. This makes them liable as sworn translators before the law.

Thanks to the foregoing confidentiality assurance, all documents, information and data given to us stay between you and us and thus, their 100% confidentiality is ensured.

None of your documents and/or information is communicated to any third party other than our relevant translators without your prior consent.

To benefit from our high quality, reasonably priced services, which are secured by a confidentiality agreement, just contact us from wherever you are in Turkey or the World. We would be happy to offer you our services that will meet your requirements and guarantee your satisfaction.