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A Team of Professional Translators

As POS Translation Services, we are trying to facilitate our works for us as well as our customers, of which we are the solution partner, by working with a professional staff. Because the needs of each customer are different from the other, both our interpreters and project managers make the right contact with our customers, understand their needs and produce customer-specific solutions. Our professional staff consists of interpreters and editors, who have graduated from the Interpretation and Translation Department, have been educated in translation science, have the target language as their mother tongue, are specialized in the fields such as medicine, engineering, law, economics, physics, chemistry and international relations and do not deal with this business to gain additional income in their spare times.

Another point that we care in our projects is to stand out today’s ever-increasing technological developments in translation as well. Our company closely monitors the developments in areas such as computer-assisted translation, translation memories, translation programs and internet, and ensures that our team of interpreters also develops in line with these advancements.

Considering all these criteria, we handle your projects within the framework of the plan that we have created with you and deliver within the period that we have committed. We are aware that professionalism of our translators and interpreters and their professional approach to the works they handle are the indicators of our “professionalism” as POS Translation Services.

To use our professional services in translation, oral/consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, contacting us will be enough regardless of wherever you are in Turkey or the World.