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24/7 Availability

Could 24-hour availability really be provided in the science of translation and interpretation?

Is 24/7 availability a phrase that the translation offices write for advertising purposes?

Why is 24/7 availability of a translation office important?

Especially the companies that work and cooperate overseas know the meaning and importance of 24/7 and 365 days accessibility. If we consider the countries that we have way too much time difference than the European countries with 1-hour difference and UK with 2 hours, we have 9 hours, 5 hours and 7 hours difference with the USA, China and Australia, respectively.

If you are doing business with the companies in China and you have an urgent work received from there to be sent back to China at 10:00 AM local time in China, this means that you have to send your translation/document at 05:00 AM local time in Turkey. As another example, you have received an email from the USA at 11:30 local time in the USA and you have to reply right away. This means that the email arrived in Turkey at 20:30 local time. If we consider that the end of working hours in most of the companies in Turkey is 18:00, you need a translation support out of the business hours. It is possible to say similar words for the consecutive translations. For example, you have to make a conference call with your partners or customers abroad after the business hours. It indicates that you need a translation company that will provide services out of the business hours.

On the other hand, why is 365-day accessibility necessary? The public and religious holidays of every country are different. This means that when it is a public holiday in Turkey, the companies in foreign countries are working or the other way around. In a global world and heavily competitive markets, works don’t wait; they have to be dealt with immediately.

Let’s say you have a patient going abroad for treatment early in the next morning or late this night. You will be able to take the epicrisis report and analysis results from the doctor in Turkey at 18:00 and you urgently need a reliable and quick translation of such documents. Or you will join a tender abroad in two days and you are informed that you have shortcomings in the last minute. The documents need to be translated immediately and sent by airmail. The documents to be translated are significantly heavy and you need them to be translated and sent to you on time urgently.

POS Translation Services is ready to provide you services not only within the business hours and days but also for 24 hours and 365 days with its office staff, project managers as well as the translators and interpreters.

We know the daily schedule of each translator or interpreter within our professional team. Therefore, when planning your projects, we contact the most available translator related to the subject and forward your project. Thanks to this system, your projects are concluded easily and at the top quality level for 24/7 and 365 days. No problem or delay will be in question.

It is very easy to reach us. Outside the business hours and days, you can contact us by phone or email and tell your translation needs whenever you want. We make the necessary planning right away and respond to your needs immediately. No matter where you are in Turkey or the World…

Because our service understanding and mission are focused on being the solution partner of our customers, our primary objective is to meet your requirements in the most accurate and reliable manner.

We believe all these statements give the answers of the foregoing questions in details. We expect you to contact us for all your translation, consecutive, oral or simultaneous interpretation needs.