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Academic Translation


Academic translations and interpretations are just one of the “successful” services we offer you. The academic translation covers translations of the academic and scientific articles, works, review essays, academic books, doctoral studies, thesis, assignments and scientific publications that the universities, institutions and organizations, academicians, researchers and students need. We are aware that the academic or scientific articles on medicine, engineering, social sciences, natural sciences and philosophy require how difficult and challenging research studies. After all, these studies and scientific works represent reputation of the academicians, researchers, students and universities working on them, and shape their future in either national or international platforms. Because of these reasons, an extremely well written and carefully worked academic study should be translated in the same way.

We work with professional translators and interpreters, editors and trainers on this subject. In our quality-oriented works, our priority is always to have translators and interpreters whose mother tongue is the target language to be translated into. The persons translating academic papers, works and ideas are required to have knowledge and experience in academic translation.

Our goal is translation of your academic text by staying with the main theme and without skipping any point and nuance of your original text. We are aware that only having a good command of the language is not enough to publish a study or article in a scientific journal or newspaper but knowing the terminology is also required. Therefore, we care to use a unique and idiomatic language as if the article is written in that language. If our traces are not noticed in an academic article, study, doctoral thesis or book translated by us, i.e. if it is not understood that the document is translated, that means we have achieved our objective. As POS Translation Services, we can “succeed” because we provide services to you with this understanding and approach.

We are proud of standing by you in the areas of academic translation and interpretation with our top quality services in the highest standards, of which confidentiality is carefully protected.