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About Us


Founded on May 1996 as a company focused on foreign languages training, POS Translation Services continues its way with a very special quality understanding and by including translation and interpretation services to its scope in line with the demands of its customers over time.

In these days that we have finished 19 years and are going into the 20th year, we continue to render exceptional services in all branches of translation and interpretation in 40 languages with more than 1500 interpreters in our office in Şişli, İstanbul.

Being aware that more than 7000 languages are spoken in the world, we set new objectives like all successful companies and keep on our works in line with these objectives. Considering the technology that has been reached in the last 20 years and that continues to evolve constantly, and requirements of the globalized world, we know that 40 languages are not enough. In this context, we set our objectives as reaching more languages and touching more people by this way.

The business principles and approach of POS Translation Services are handling each project with the same care and performing the works at the top level and quality with a mutual win-win principle. Because we have started out with this approach, it is essential that the translators and interpreters, with whom we will work together in every new language, have reached the highest quality and sufficient competencies in their areas. Therefore, we continue our works to achieve our objectives with firm and quick steps. We have certified our service quality with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate and we continue to offer services to you in any field you need with our exceptional service understanding.

The first condition that is important and valuable for us is helping you in achieving your objectives as soon as possible. Therefore, we always stand by you with our exceptional service understanding that we would particularly like to highlight and with our specialized staff in your translation needs in all languages and fields of written and oral translations, in academic, technical, medical, legal, commercial, financial, literary translations, translations of subtitles and websites, software translation and transcription services and simultaneous interpretation projects. When you need translations, we would be very pleased to be the solution partner of our customers.

In line with our ethical values and confidentiality principles, we are committed to protect private areas of our customers in every service by signing special confidentiality agreements with our translators and interpreters that we work together. Because all services we have provided so far are in this direction, winning your appreciation makes us feel good.

In cases where you do not have the opportunity to come to our office, it does not matter wherever you are in the world. We are just a phone call or email away.