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Interpretation is providing the communication between the individuals speaking two different languages by the interpreters who have good command of these two languages. A professional interpreter needs to have a good command of language as well as knowledge of field information such as legal, medical and technical subjects.

With our interpreter staff specialized in every discipline of interpretation, at the excellent quality level that is our first priority, in the light of our confidentiality principles and our promise of 100% customer satisfaction, we provide 24/7 services across Turkey and abroad


How do we work in interpretation services?

After detailed information sharing on the language, place, date and content in your interpretation requests from us, our quotation and interpreter resumes are submitted to you. Upon your approval, we select our interpreter to be working in your project according to the industry and content. Following the confidentially agreement we make with our interpreters, who get ready for the interpretation with your company information, the documents (if any) related to the content or the information obtained from your website and conclude their duties with a good command of the subject and terminology of your industry during the interpretation.

Although interpretation, which is one of the main topics of the translation science, is known as consecutive and simultaneous, it is not limited to these. Let’s shortly talk about other topics of interpretation:

Court and Wedding Interpreter: Sworn translators are needed to express foreign citizens in their mother tongues in the Turkish courts, marriage offices or land registry offices. Sworn translators may serve as “expert translators” in the courts, marriage and land registry offices after registration and acceptance processes of the expert applications established by the Provincial Judicial Commission every year.

Our interpreters are sworn translators certified by the judicial authorities and have a very good command of the legal terminology and language.

Fair Interpreter: For many local and international companies, fairs are the organizations, which give them the opportunity of introducing themselves and their products and expanding their markets. In the exhibitions you will attend, either at home or abroad, the people, who will accompany you, provide and improve your communications with your customers and/or other companies and support you during the fair, will be our team of fair interpreters.

Teleconference Interpreter: In the globalized business world, one of the most widely used communication tools is holding meetings with the teleconference system. People living in different countries of the world communicate through this system and carry out any meeting, training and presentation. We are happy to support you with our interpreters in this process.

Escort Interpreting: You may need interpreters, who know the culture and life-style of the relevant country, have a good command of its language and will be with you for support all the time, when you have foreign guests or in your business trips, factory and fair visits abroad. Our escort interpreters step in at this stage and help you to carry on the businesses in the most advantageous and productive way.

Hospital Interpreter: Every year, thousands of foreign patients come to our country that increasingly takes shares from and develops in the global health tourism. Naturally, these patients and their accompanying relatives need interpreters either in the hospitals or at the doctors. Experienced interpreters, who have knowledge of the medical terminology, a good command of the language and traditions, customs and cultures of the countries of the target language provide services in this field.